North Coast Trail Guided Hike
Wilderness Adventures in British Columbia & Yukon since 1988


Our guided adventure is along the North Coast – Cape Scott Trail at the northern tip of Vancouver Island. It does not carry the international recognition of the West Coast Trail, but it offers very similar coastal, temperate rainforest, sand and cobblestone beaches, and cultural/historical significance. The North Coast Trail is as ruggedly adventurous.

After accessing the North Coast trail by water taxi from Port Hardy, we begin a challenging wilderness trek that includes forest and beach until we reach the more groomed trail and broad sandy beaches of Cape Scott. The coastal scenery is magnificent with broad and pocket beaches, caves, and sea stacks. The forest offers large stands of indigenous trees and bog areas with dwarf vegetation.

It is an escape from our busy lives, hiking and existing only with the essentials we carry. It is a time to reconnect with an inner freedom that sustains our core. The waves on the beach, the wind, the smell of a verdant forest, the satisfying and fulfilling tiredness at the end of the day, feed our souls.  

  • all campsites are located on beaches
  • water taxi drop off at our trailhead
  • Incredible, broad, sandy beaches.
  • layover day to explore the Cape Scott area.
  • vestiges of First Nations, Danish settlers, and WWII periods.

“Len – I have to admit that our family group was disappointed when you told us that there were no spaces remaining for the West Coast Trail last season. You suggested the North Coast Trail as an alternative. I can’t say we were excited about the idea but we all needed to getaway. You told us we wouldn’t think we had made a mistake. You were RIGHT!  Your operations and guides were a cut above. We were blown away by the scenery, especially the beautiful wilderness beaches we camped on. The memory of this trip will sustain me through my life. Thanks for everything from the Regavid family”.  ~ Jim Regavid,  Oakville, ON