North Coast Trail Booking Pricing Dates

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Departure: Nanaimo or Comox on Vancouver Island: Only possible pickup and drop-off point.

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Before booking please read our full disclosure of  TERMS, WAIVER,  & CANCELLATION  terms and conditions.


2021/Departure: Nanaimo/ComoxCostSpotsBook AdventureMay 26-June 3$2075 Cdn+ 5% Tax8Deposit OnlyFull PaymentJune 10-18$2075 Cdn+ 5% Tax7Deposit OnlyFull PaymentJune 22-30$2075 Cdn+ 5% Tax0Deposit OnlyFull PaymentJuly 8-16$2075 Cdn+ 5% Tax0Deposit OnlyFull PaymentJuly 24-Aug 1$2075 Cdn+ 5% Tax0Deposit OnlyFull PaymentAug 8-16$2075 Cdn+ 5% Tax1Deposit OnlyFull PaymentAug 24-Sept 1$2075 Cdn+ 5% Tax0Deposit OnlyFull PaymentSept 6-14$2075 Cdn+ 5% Tax7Deposit OnlyFull Payment


Parks Canada requires that each WCT hiker purchase a single location annual park pass, either at the trailhead or online. For more details visit  Discovery Pass    

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