Nootka Island Guided Hike

Nootka Island Guided Hike

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Vancouver Island West – One of the last places where a wildland still meets a wild ocean” Bertie Gregory, National Geographic wildlife filmmaker

Our Nootka Island guided hike is a remote coastal hike with unspoiled beaches, few, if any, hikers, a fabulous assortment of mammal, bird and marine wildlife, important historical significance, and has many outstanding scenic rewards.

Our  Nootka Island guided hike begins with a short floatplane flight from Gold River on Vancouver Island to a sheltered lake on Nootka Island. A short hike will bring us to the coast where we will begin six exciting days exploring the sandy beaches, caverns, and caves, dramatic headlands, waterfalls, giant old-growth forest and taste of First Nations history.

The beaches are fertile grounds for beachcombing for shells and Japanese glass floats.

Our Nootka Island guided hike concludes at Friendly Cove, where the Mowachaht chief Maquinna made the first contact with Europeans when Britain’s Capt. James Cook landed on Nootka in 1778. Captain James Cook spent a month refitting his ships and exploring the region in 1778. 

The Nootka Island guided hike reveals its beauty around every corner: green sea anemones, banks of columbine, moss-carpeted rocks and beaches covered in red paintbrush. all against the backdrop of Vancouver Island’s rugged west coast.


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National Geographic Adventure Magazine recognized us as one of the top tour companies in the world from 2009-2013. It no longer maintains a ranking of adventure companies, but we still maintain the same environmental and client practices that earned us this prestigious acknowledgment in the past.

west coast trailI can’t believe it has been over two months since our hike on the Nootka Island Trail. Memories of this trip will be indelibly etched in our minds for the rest of our lives. It was definitely awesome to be on the beach for five straight nights. It took us several days to adjust to sleeping beds again. We owe y’all a tremendous amount of appreciation for the nonstop effort involved in leading the group. I still can’t believe how well the food tastedMark Adkin, Texas