Nahanni River Guided Raft Tour

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The untamed Nahanni River is viewed as one of North America’s most spectacular. It has drawn adventure enthusiasts from around the world to explore, paddle, and raft its course of deep canyons, hot springs, caves, and waterfalls. Rafting the river requires no paddling skills and is fully suitable for beginners.

Our Nahanni River guided raft tour in Canada’s Northwest Territories is ranked high on many people’s must-do, “bucket” list. 

Our tour offers 2 options to select from: a 7-day adventure for those with time constraints and a 12-day expanded tour with selected hiking opportunities. The Nahanni River rafting tour covers 240 km (150 mi), dropping 396 meters (1300 feet). 

  • Nahanni National Park was the first World Heritage Site designated by UNESCO back in 1978. UNESCO identifies and designates world areas of cultural and natural significance that warrant conservation.  
  • Our tour begins with a spectacular charter flight to Virginia Falls. The falls is the crowning feature of the Park and twice the height of Niagara Falls.

“We so enjoyed our Tatshenshini River rafting trip with your company a few years back. Everything about it was first-rate. This prompted us to join the Nahanni River raft trip last year with you. Once again the guides, food, natural and cultural treasures were fabulous. Virginia Falls, the canyons, the sunsets, the chocolate cake – all wonders! Thanks for memories that we will carry with us through our lives.” –  Van Ryderson Family – Jim, Margaret, Shelly and Juliane, Sudbury, ON

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