KLuane Itinerary 2

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Wilderness Adventures in British Columbia & Yukon since 1988

Getting to Whitehorse, Yukon
Air Canada [www.aircanada.ca], WestJet [www.westjet.com] and Air North [www.flyairnorth.com] have scheduled flights to Whitehorse. Please check with them or your travel agent for details.
Weather in July in is mild at 14 °C(57.2 °F). Afternoons can be warm with average high temperatures reaching 20.3 °C (68.5 °F). Overnight temperatures are generally a little cool with an average low of 7.6 °C (45.7 °F).  The average temperature in  in August is quite mild at 12.3 °C (54.14 °F). Afternoons can be somewhat warm with average high temperatures reaching 18.3 °C (64.9 °F). time temperatures in late August usually range from 10C – 20C (50F- 65F). Overnight temperatures may drop below freezing during the late summer months. the Yukon receives little rain during the summer months as it is in the rain shadow of the coastal mountains.

Hiking in the Kluane is challenging. Sections of the hike include scree slopes, small boulders, bushwhacking, and elevation gains. There are few trails. Routes replace trails when trying to achieve intended destinations. 

Travel Distance
Hiking distances and elevation will vary with the destination, but average is about 10 km and 500 m elevation. Our longest day will be the hike to Observation Moununtain. On most days we begin hiking at 9am , take breaks, lazy lunches (weather permitting), and look to get into camp around 4-5 in the afternoon. To protect the environment, we employ “ No Trace Camping” practices.


Kluane Lake

Level of Difficulty
The trip is open to people of all abilities; however, it requires physical endurance and psychological stamina. Although our guides carry most of the group equipment, hikers can expect to carry 15kg+ (30lb). Participants should prepare by executing an exercise program coupled with some walking or running or cycling.

Group Size
Maximum group size is 10, two of which are guides. We are are licensed by Parks Canada and carry Wilderness First Aid credentials. Each group consists of people of various ages, backgrounds, and abilities. People come by themselves or with family/friends. The youngest can be 13 and the oldest in their 70s. We would need to be comfortable that, at either end of the age scale, the hiker is capable of taking on the demands of hiking Kluane.

This is a camping trip. At night you will sleep in a top of the line tent. Typically, tenting is double occupancy and partners are arranged by gender. You are welcome to bring your own tent but you should contact our office to ascertain the suitability of your tent to the environment. Bathroom facilities will range from outhouses to wilderness sanitation practices.

Kings Throne Summit

Kings Throne Summit

The food we bring is plentiful, nutritious, and primarily vegetarian (because this keeps better than meat). Food is divided and carried by participants. A food drop helps to reduce the overall weight that will be carried. You can expect meals to be varied, and delicious: burritos, rice, pasta, and vegetable stir-fry for dinner; bagels and sandwiches for lunch; oatmeal, and granola for breakfast. Beverages include herbal and regular tea, coffee, hot chocolate, cider. If you have special dietary restrictions or preferences, be sure to list them on your registration.

Equipment and Clothing
We will supply you with a list of outdoor clothing and articles you will need. We supply all the group equipment including kitchen and cover. All you need to provide is your personal gear, such as clothing and a sleeping bag. A detailed equipment list will be sent to you upon confirmation of your participation. We do rent packs, sleeping bags/pads for a nominal charge (cleaning).

  • MealsAll meals while on the hike, including snacks and beverages
  • Arrival/Departure in WhitehorseYou should be here at least one day before Day 1 and plan to leave on Day 9.

Day 1- Morning departure from your accommodation in Whitehorse . Travel to Haines Junction for orientation at the Kluane Parks office. We will drive to Kathleen Lake and camp there for 2 evenings.

Day 2 –  Day hike to the King’s Throne. The hike to the cirque is about 10 km (6 mi) return.  For those who want to continue to the summit it is 16 km (10 mi) return. Elevation gain: 548 M (1,800′) to cirque; 1,442M (4,729′) to summit.

This is a steep trail up to a spectacular cirque — the “seat” of the King’s Throne. It is possible to follow an unmarked, unmaintained route to the peak of the mountain. Alpine flowers and great views are the highlights of this hike.

kluane observation

Observation Mountain

Day 3 – Change camps. Drive to Kluane Lake and set camp. Day hike to Sheep Mountain. Sheep Mountain is a moderate hike. Distance is 10 km (6 mi) return. Elevation gain is 430 m (1400′). 

This trail climbs along side of Sheep Mountain and above Sheep Creek. It offers excellent views of the Slims River Valley as it opens up into the sub alpin3.

Day 4 – Start of the Slims River hike. Very little elevation gain. Mainly following the river and camping around km 14. 

Day 5 – Major hiking day to Observation Mountain. The route (i.e. there is no trail) heads up Canada and Columbia Creek to slopes that can be climbed to access the alpine plateau west of Observation Mountain and then to the summit of Observation Mountain which overlooks Kaskawulsh Glacier. Outstanding views. Elevation gain to plateau 600 m and an additional 700 m to Observation Mountain. Total kilometers is about 19 km (12 mi).

Day 7 – Hike approx 6 km to Bullion Creek and set camp. Water levels are usually higher in the p.m. so camp will be set before crossing.

Day 8 – Cross Bullion Creek and hike to our van and return to Whitehorse.


What is included in the cost
  • Travel between Whitehorse – Kluane return
  • Park permits and camping fees
  • Group camping equipment
  • Two person tents
  • Guides do Meal preparation
  • All food/snacks/beverages during hiking/camping
  • Major first aid supplies
  • Satellite phone
What is excluded in the cost
  • Travel to Whitehorse
  • Airport transfers
  • All food/meals not part of hiking days
  • Attractions/entrances in Dawson
  • Gratuities
  • Personal gear including bacpack, sleepin bag/pad (can be rented)