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Kluane – Donjek Glacier Guided Hike

kluane map location

Kluane, the Southern Tutchone word for “Lake with many Fish”, is a rugged and magnificent wilderness area in Canada’s Yukon, characterized by high mountains, icefields, and glaciers. It has been recognized by UNESCO as part of the largest non-polar icefield in the world with  some of the world’s longest and most spectacular glaciers. As such it is has been designated a world heritage site by UNESCO.

We are considering a 10 day trek to the Donjek Glacier – considered one of the most spectacular in the Yukon. It is a difficult hike but the rewards will be there for those prepared to take it on. There are mountain passes and rivers to negotiate which means elevation changes and getting wet. The main goal is to walk along the huge glacier that flows over nearly 56 km from the largest non-polar ice cap in the world.

Origin: Whitehorse, Yukon
Elevation Gain: Max. will be about 800 meters
Daily Hiking: 5-7 hrs.

Day 1 – Leave Whitehorse and visit Kluane National Park and Reserve (KNP&R) visitor center for registration purposes.  Just beyond Burwash Landing, we begin hiking. Easy hiking along an old mining road to an area called the Burwash Uplands. Camp.

Day 2-9: From here, there is little trail. Map and GPS will be our guides as we experience true wilderness. Consider all this: elevation gains and descents, scree slopes, steep mountain sides, some bushwhacking through willow and spruce, and wading fast flowing creeks. But there is balance: beautiful grassy and flower filled alpine slopes, views of Kluane’s magnificent mountains and glacial valleys, and,of course,  the Donjek glacier. The picture below is worth the proverbial thousand words. We will assign 1 or 2 days to not move camp and do some day hiking for some grand vistas. 


Day 10: Short hike to meet our van and return to Whitehorse.


If this appeals to your adventure nature, send us an email and we will forward our confirmed date(s) and hiking route in early January. If you have questions email us.