Kayaking with Pacific Otters
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Kayaking with Pacific Otters

maporcas Vancouver Island West – One of the last places where a wild land still meets a wild ocean
Bertie Gregory, National Geographic wildlife filmmaker

Our guided kayaking with Pacific otters base camp trip takes us to the Nuchatlitz Archipelago on the west coast of Vancouver Island. With a myriad of islands, beaches, protected water paddling, rich in culture, nature, and history, it offers the best wilderness kayaking on the west coast.

skgabcOur lead guides are members of the Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC. They are a non-profit society which upholds high standards for professional sea kayak guides and operators in BC. Through ongoing professional development and certification, the Alliance strives to ensure safe practices on an industry-wide basis.

  • travel with us from Vancouver at no extra cost.broken group islands
  • Broken Group Islands protect a number of archaeological sites dating back thousands of years
  • one of the largest sea otter populations in the world.
  • our location elevates chances of viewing large sea otter gatherings.
  • the location includes other marine species such as whales, seals/sea lions, porpoises, eagles, cormorants.
  • the end of each day ends at our base camp log cabin with incredible views of British Columbia’s west coast. Nothing compares to a west coast sunset.

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Beyond all expectations! From your professional guides, wonderful menu, breathtaking scenery, isolation from all urban distractions, coming to terms with personal strengths and limitations – one can not help but come away with a better sense of self and appreciation of this BGI gem.~
 Tom & Julie Hughes, Nottingham, UK

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Origin: Vancouver or Nanaimo, BC
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June 25-30 $1975 Cdn+ 5% Tax 8 Deposit Only Full Payment
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Sept 10-15 $1975 Cdn+ 5% Tax 8 Deposit Only Full Payment