Canada’s Yukon

"The freshness, the freedom, the farness—    O God! how I’m stuck on it all."
Robert Service - Spell of the Yukon


Canada’s Yukon: a vast land where people of adventure can experience unique hiking, rafting, and paddling opportunities. Imagine following in the footsteps of the 1896 Klondike gold rushers, hiking atop tall mountains to view and stand upon glaciers, raft upon a river that National Geographic ranks as the world’s best, or canoe one of the world’s great rivers. Simply said, the Yukon captures the heart, stirs the imagination, and fuels the spirit. 


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Chilkoot Trail / Yukon River
The finding of gold in the Yukon in 1896 started a rush to the goldfields near Dawson City. Most of the thousands of men and women who invested their hopes in the promise of gold and better lives traveled a route of mountain and river to their dreams. Our Chilkoot Trail and Yukon River adventures will open you to the challenge and hardship of their movement northward. Discarded relics and place names ignite a passion and a sense of shared history with those who lived it.   

Yukon River

Chilkoot Trail

Tombstone Mountains / Kluane

During the last ice age, a land bridge existed between Asia, across present-day Bering Strait, to Alaska. The land was unaffected by the great glaciers that covered most of North America. It is opined that this bridge was used by migratory peoples into North America. This vast area is known today as Berengia. Our adventure into the area of the Tombstone Mountains will be a journey back in time to a landscape that greeted these first travelers.

Kluane one of the planet’s largest protected wild areas. It’s incredibly colorful, with unusual geography, dramatically carved mountain ranges, 2,000 glaciers, and Canada’s largest icefield. Most of the park is not accessible by road. To truly appreciate its vastness,  adventurers must hike some of the inviting routes into its interior. UNESCO calls Kluane “an empire of mountains and ice.”

Kluane Glacier

Tombstone Mountains


Tatshenshini River
Tatshenshini is part of one of the most magnificent river systems on earth. The rugged, glacial nature of its landscape, along with its unique ecology has resulted in it being classified by UNESCO as a world heritage site. 

Tatshenshini Rafting