Broughton Archipelago Guided Kayaking
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maporcasBroughton Archipelago Kayaking 

Our Broughton Archipelago kayaking adventure is located between the northern end of Vancouver Island and the mountainous mainland of BC. It is part of the Broughton Archipelago Marine Provincial Park. As such, it is accessible only by boat and its natural setting is protected from commercial development. It features hundreds of small islands, surrounded by small channels that make it a kayaker’s paradise. If you enjoy unspoiled nature, great camping beaches, and a plethora of marine and bird wildlife, then the Broughton Archipelago is the adventure for you.

skgabcOur lead guides are members of the Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC. They are a non-profit society which upholds high standards for professional sea kayak guides and operators in BC. Through ongoing professional development and certification, the Alliance strives to ensure safe practices on an industry-wide basis.

  • travel with us from Vancouver at no extra cost.
  • the Broughton Archipelago’s eastern border offers excellent chances to see orca, humpback, and minke whales, while seals, sea lions, porpoises, and dolphins are found throughout the marine park. 
  • culturally the area has been home to First Nations people for 1000s of years. Remnants of ancient village sites and midden beaches offer evidence of human activity.
  • the many islands, beaches, coves, and safe waters lend themselves to a fluid itinerary created by group interests and weather conditions. Our focus is to explore as much of the Broughton Archipelago as possible, by changing camp each night.
  • we adhere to guidelines established for the least intrusion and interference into the natural lives of whales and other wildlife.

The kayaking trip to the Broughton Archipelago is all we talk about to friends and family. Everything was perfect from the morning you picked us up at our hotel (great savings bonus not having to get to northern Vancouver Island on our own). Our teenage sons thought it was the greatest holiday we ever had as a family (sorry Disney and Europe). Len, your guides were fabulous! Patience, cooking skills, natural knowledge, personality. So many special moments that will stay with us for a lifetime. Seeing killer whales in their natural setting, dolphins, eagles were an injection to the human spirit. Time to start saving for another Sea to Sky holiday
Jennifer, Howard, Carson, and J.J., ….Eugene, Oregon