Broken Group Islands Guided Kayaking
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Broken Group Islands Guided Kayaking

broken group islands kayaking Vancouver Island West – One of the last places where a wild land still meets a wild ocean
Bertie Gregory, National Geographic wildlife filmmaker

One of B.C. top 10 World-Class adventures   Vancouver Sun, Aug 19, 2017.

Our Broken Group Islands guided kayaking is in one of the three main recreational components of Pacific Rim National Park, British Columbia.The Broken Group Islands Unit consists of over 100 islands, islets and rocky outcrops scattered in the centre of Barkley Sound. For paddlers, it doesn’t get any better—pristine waters, white-sand beaches and an oasis of stillness in the notoriously rough Pacific Ocean

skgabcOur lead guides are members of the Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC. They area non-profit society which upholds high standards for professional sea kayak guides and operators in BC. Through ongoing professional development and certification, the Alliance strives to ensure safe practices on an industry-wide basis.

  • known internationally for its top notch kayaking waters and wilderness camping.broken group islands
  • ideal for those seeking escape to the more remote and desolate islands on Vancouver Island’s west coast.
  • a natural wonderland of old growth rain forest, secluded lagoons, white sand beaches, blowholes, sea arches and caves, and secluded anchorages.
  • ancient native middens, village fortifications, stone fish traps and archaeological sites speak to 1000s of years of First Nations traditional territorial presence.
  • eagles, cormorants, seals, sea lions, grey and humpback whales, and orcas are likely to be seen from your kayak or camp.


Still full of nice memories of our amazing trip. Every day I’ve got a short memory about an experience we had together: first of all the wonderful animals we encountered and the awesome scenery we saw, Nicks’ impressive Eskimo roll, Georgia your great talent as a storyteller; the daily delicious cooking, the meditative paddling, and a good deal more. I’m very glad I had the chance to go on this trip with you guys and I appreciated every moment with you. ~
 Isabelle Rast, Bellingham, Wa

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