Bowron Lakes Guided Canoeing
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Bowron Lakes Guided Canoeing

map-bowron“Bowron Lakes – One of the 10 best canoe trips in the world” Outside Magazine

Our Bowron Lakes guided canoeing paddle is a 116 km circuit, comprised of 6 major lakes which are inter-connected by a series of portages and rivers. The circuit forms a rectangle. It could not have been better laid out if it had been designed by a landscape architect. Paddlers on the Bowron Lakes guided canoeing begin and end at the same spot. And those portages – well, groomed canoe paths allow for the portages to be completed with the use of canoe carts, upon which canoes are wheeled between lakes.

  • travel with us from Vancouver to the Bowron Lakes at no extra cost.
  • magnificent landscape of glacial mountains, cascades and waterfalls, crystal clear waters, virgin fores.
  • Bowron Lakes Guided wilderness canoeing is a photographer’s joy.bowron lakes barkerville
  • Bowron Lakes Guided paddle offers superb wildlife viewing including moose, beaver and otter, and the occasional bear. The area around the Bowron River is a bird watcher’s paradise.
  • special group campsites that guarantee our own space.
  • visit to Barkerville, preserved historic town, and center of the late 1840s Cariboo Gold Rush in British Columbia.
  • an important area to the historical development of British Columbia.

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Origin: North Vancouver or Quesnel, BC
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Adventure Rating: Novice – Class I-II Paddling Waters
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