BOOKING in the AGE of COVID-19

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BOOKING in the AGE of COVID-19
We are subject to regulations established by our Federal and Provincial Gov’ts, along with national and provincial park authorities. We cannot guarantee that the trips that we operate will run in 2021. However, we are planning and hoping that our trips will run. We want you to make a decision about booking based on the following information:

If registering for one of our trips, Canadians have the advantage of being in Canada, to begin with.  This precludes any situation where the border is closed to all international/U.S. visitors. It does not prevent a territory such as the Yukon from closing its border to Canadians or park authorities from preventing access to national or provincial lands.

This class of registrant not only is potentially confronting park closures but also that Canadian borders may be closed to them.

This poses a conundrum for anyone considering doing a trip with us. Do I wait to register until I know for sure that the trip has surpassed all Covid restrictions? If I don’t take the risk of registering early, the trip may fill, and I am excluded from participating.

You should know that we will apply our cancellation policy, regardless of Covid. We will not return deposits as the cancelation is not of our doing, as well as deposits have been spent on your behalf in preparation for 2021 trips. We will however forward 80% of your deposit to 2022 as outlined in the paragraph below.

We will allow registrants to move their deposit to the 2022 season for any of the trips we operate, including the one selected for 2021. We will assign 20% of your deposit to cover some office and operational related expenses. The remaining part of your deposit will be assigned to a 2022 trip. If you opt for this option, we will notify you as early as possible with a date near the one you selected in 2021 as an alternative, and you will be guaranteed the first chance to register. You can opt for another date or trip in 2021 as long as space is available.

We feel that these options are fair for us and for you.

Do contact us if there is any confusion with our position.