Adventure El Camino Santiago Spain Hike

Our Adventure El Camino Santiago Spain Hike honors the most important pilgrimage of the Middle Ages. It was a network of trails that stretched across Europe, converging in northern Spain at the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela where it is believed that the remains of St. James are buried. 

Today, hundreds of thousands of people from around the world journey to the Camino. Some will see it as a spiritual journey while others seek the experience of walking through the beautiful countryside and timeless villages of northern Spain, gaining a deeper insight into Galician culture, hospitality and gastronomy.

We will hike the classic French Way, the most popular route that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site


Camino Km Post

  • Travel to Madrid, the capital city of Spain. 
  • Journey by train to the iconic town of Sarria, our starting point along the Camino.
  • See the ruins of a 2200-year-old Celtic fort and a hospital that received Charles V and his son Philip II, the most famous pilgrims of the 16th century.
  • Overnight in a luxurious 17th century Galician Manor.
  • Visit to Arzua, known for its peculiar shaped cheese and its two churches, Santa María, and La Magdalena.
  • Enter the medieval town of Santiago de Compostela via the “Camino Door” and our final destination.
  • Attend the Pilgrim’s Mass at the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral.


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Erich Kerchner, Calgary, AB

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Origin: Madrid, Spain
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