Have recently returned from my sixth Sea to Sky trip. This has to say something about your company!! Your guides were so aware of how things were going for us, always one step ahead, and reassuring us where needed. Our meals, as usual, were very tasty and nutritious. Thanks for the great organization within your company which always makes for a smooth-running trip.” Margaret Morgan, Vancouver BC

Just a sampling of the references over thirty years in the wilderness adventure business generates. I always felt that the best reference that any company could put forward is its record of longevity. For a business to operate for 32 years, you have to know that professionalism, safety, and product delivery must be the keystone, if a company is to survive in a very competitive industry.

“Arf, arf, arf, bow WOW!” – (Loosely Translated – “Haven’t had this much fun since I chased the neighbour’s cat up a tree.”)
Whitey the Dog (I’m in the photo collage), Vancouver, BC

“We had a fabulous hike (West Coast Trail). Wow, the weather couldn’t have cooperated any better. It made for an amazingly beautiful hike. Both Tom and I were very impressed with the food that was provided on the trip. We did not come of the trail hungry as expected. Thanks for an amazing experience! So glad we were able to do it. We are sharing photos and recommending to friends who are interested in.”
Andi and Tom Caruso, Jackson, WY

“Alongside a 3+ weeks 4 Wheel drive and camping trip to Namibia over 10 years ago my West Coast Trail trip was the most enjoyable and satisfying I had undertaken.”
Dion Stewart, Toronto,Ontario

“A few days ago I finished a wonderful trip through the Bowron Lakes Chain. Your superb guides with their bright attitudes and professional competence, made a great trip fantastic. Did I mention the food? It was outstanding!”
Al Hurst, Gig Harbor, Wa

“Hi Len, I just wanted to let you know how fantastic I think your team is. Your guides made this West Coast Trail trip truly the trip of a lifetime for us. I’ve been to 24 countries and have had lots of amazing experiences, but this one trumps them all. Although we decided not to tell folks how fantastic the food was, we didn’t want anyone to think it was a “walk in the park”….thanks for everything!!”
Lyrin Murphy, Delaware, OH

“Well, what can I say – I wanted to write and say thank you and how brilliant everything was, but words are now failing me! What an amazing time – from the Chilkoot Trail and the wonderful views at the top of the pass to the long walk down over the snow, the brilliant timing of the readings and poetry and did I mention how wonderful the food was? Well, it was! Then the canoe trip on the Yukon River – what a great follow up! Ft Selkirk was wonderful, enhanced by the stories from Don and the fresh salmon – I didn’t want it to end!! I would encourage anyone who wanted to experience the Yukon to travel with you, Sea to Sky, as I can’t believe how much I enjoyed every single minute and how much I wish I was still there. I don’t use the word ‘awesome’ as it sounds silly when I say it – but Mark and Laura were awesome and your standards are second to none! We’ll definitely be back!!!!”
Mary Graham, UK.

“I just wanted you to know my son and I have the most terrific time on the Johnstone Strait [Pacific Orcas] kayaking trip. Kris and Janet, our guides, were fantastic. They both had such a deep love of the country, respect for the whales, and genuine enthusiasm, it was a real treat to have them as our guides.”
Tim Ward, Travel Writer, Washington Post, Washington, DC

” We recently completed a trip with your company to the Canadian Rockies. It was a most memorable experience for us. The hiking opportunities around Mt. Assiniboine are superb. Our weather was perfect, almost all the time. But we think a more important reason for our personal enjoyment was the concern and care given to each participant in a most respectful way by the group leaders. We were particularly impressed by the leadership skills that Beth showed. With her encouragement and guidance we were able to experience fully the opportunities offered, which we think could easily have declined for fear of holding back the group, being too slow, too afraid, etc. Our meals were excellent, as they have been on previous trips, always tasty and piping hot.”
Marco and Margherita Bosco, Milan,Italy

“The beauty and tranquility of Nuchatlitz (Pacific Otters) went a long way to ease the frustrations and tensions of living in an urban setting. I will always miss the remote, unspoiled beaches — it’s truly a unique environment, and one I feel privileged to have been part of for a week. The knowledge, skills, and many competencies of your guides made the trip all the more enjoyable.”
Helen Durant, San Francisco, CA

“I think that Sea to Sky is the best run commercial company I’ve been with and the food was outstanding.I REALLY enjoyed both the Yukon River canoe trip and the Chilkoot Trail and to a large extent, it’s due to you and your guides. I particularly liked your relaxed and laid back style Len, the subtle way you kept an eye on what everyone needed without being intrusive and the way you treated all the clients equally. I believe that it’s a real art to be a good guide.”
Doug Jamieson, Saudi Arabia

“Hi – Our group talked about highlights of our West Coast Trail hike and far and away for me was the Sea to Sky guides, Mark and Bill. I’d peek out of my tent in the morning and already see a fire and hot water ready for tea. So many times, Bill would point out the right step to take on a slippery slope. Mark, with 2 bags of wood supported on his shoulders as he walked back to camp to get a fire started and our amazing meals. Plus the extra perks like the amazing feast at Chez Monique’s, the private beach, dinner at the cave. I also took the time to fully absorb the incredible beauty of the West Coast Trail. An awesome experience. Special thanks to Sea to Sky Adventures! “
Dave Grice, Vancouver, BC

“Just wanted to let you all know what an awesome time we all had on our recent trip with you to Johnstone Strait. The trip was very well organized. Georgia and Janet worked very well together and we all felt safe and comfortable under their care. The food was good and plentiful. Len, by now you have probably heard that we saw some whales on each day of our trip! How the girls arranged that I’m not sure, but it sure was exciting. One of the features that made things easier for us was the pickup and dropoff at the hotel. Not having to rent a car was nice, since it would sit for most of the week anyway, as well as not having to worry about ferry schedules, etc.”
Robert Smyth and Family, Ontario

“The canoe trip on the Yukon River was definitely a highlight of my vacation in Canada and I feel lucky that I could share the experience with such a wonderful group of people. T hanks again for making the canoe trip such a success!”
Pascale LeManquet, Belgium

“I want to thank you again for the great trip and those images of the approaching Orcas remain planted firmly in my head and heart. My colleagues and friends see my face light up each time I try to explain the experience. I was back home just six days before I pulled out the Sea to Sky brochure and started to think about what to do for next year.”
Elisabeth Black, Ontario

“Just wanted to let you know what a great trip we had to Johnstone Strait! The guides were wonderful. Their different personalities really complemented each other. We felt safe and in able hands the whole time. The area was beautiful and we loved the adventure. You’ve got a great company and we’d like to do another trip with you in the future.”
Janet and Jonathan Thaler, New York

“I can’t believe it has been over two months since our hike on the Nootka Island Trail. Memories of this trip will be indelibly etched in our minds for the rest of our lives. It was definitely awesome to be on the beach for seven straight nights. It took us several days to adjust to sleeping beds again. We owe y’all a tremendous amount of appreciation for the nonstop effort involved in leading the group. I still can’t believe how well the food tasted.”
Mark Adkin, Texas

“The Chilkoot Trail was the best holiday we’ve had in years. I really can’t say enough about the whole experience – the guides, the camaraderie, the wilderness – it was quite special.”
Justine Cooke, Vancouver, BC