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All our Yukon River guidebooks have been researched and prepared by Len Webster, an adventure river guide who has led countless tours over the 24 years that he worked in the Yukon. His knowledge of the rivers, their histories, what is important to be aware of, and how best to prepare, will enhance and compliment your paddling experience.

pelly 2 copyNew 2014 – Yukon River: Pelly Crossing to Dawson City
This guide is a great alternative to paddlers who want to avoid
Five Finger rapids. Personally I prefer the Pelly River access
route to the Yukon River and up to Dawson City. There are no
difficult sections and it offers a visit to historic Pelly Farm.

This route joins the Yukon River at Fort Selkirk. From Pelly
Crossing, approximately 1 hour from Carmacks via the
Klondike Highway, it is about 60 km/37 m to Fort Selkirk.



1. Yukon River: Whitehorse – Carmacks Guidebook
34 Pages / $21.95 Cdn + 5% tax

2. Yukon River: Carmacks – Dawson City Guidebook
42 Pages / $24.95 + 5% tax

3. Yukon River: Pelly Crossing – Dawson City Guidebook
40 Pages / $24.95 + 5% tax

4. Teslin River: Johnson’s Crossing – Carmacks Guidebook
38 Pages / $24.95 Cdn + 5% tax


“A most helpful resource. I particularly enjoyed the historical inserts and the river tips were most useful”
Barry & Ethel Wiseman, Baton Rouge, La

“…… the best resource guide for doing the Yukon River.”
Kelly Courtright, Deer Park, Wa

“Fantastic guide and book.”
Terry Cox – Brampton, Ontario

“Your Guidebook……….read it cover to cover. It is great. Thanks.”
Doris Miller – London, ON

“...the best there is for the rivers that you detail. Good work on a reference that will be very useful to many future river travelers! Impressive indeed.”
Don Davidson – Edmonton, Alberta

Excellent guide. We are looking forward to carrying your guidebooks in our store.”
Kanoe People – Yukon’s Largest Outfitter for canoe rentals, equipment, and transportation.

We used another guide to complete the Whitehorse to Carmacks portion of the Yukon River in 2008. We were not completely satisfied with it. Tried your guidebook when we returned to complete our paddle from Carmacks to Dawson City last summer. We like you to know that it was extremely helpful. Reference to coordinates, best campsites, and historical and natural information was interesting and current to where we were along the river.
Gradson Family – Des Moines, Iowa

I’ve put a recommendation and direct link for your Yukon River guides on all Yukon final itinerates letters to our clients and a link on our web site as well.. Excellent resource
Paul McCormick – Wilderness Adventures.ca

“I really appreciate all of your help and we love your maps!”
Cheryl and Leigh Merritt (Team Invictus) – Yukon Quest River Race

Yukon River Guides is now available at Mac’s Fireweed in Whitehorse, the Yukon’s premier bookstore for northern guides and books.