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Legendary Wilderness Adventures in British Columbia & Yukon

Sample Pages

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Our Yukon Rivers guidebooks are not an instructional manual on how to paddle a canoe or kayak. Our goal is to provided paddlers with information that will help with preparation, reliable campsites, and safety. It also provides historical, cultural, and natural background to better appreciate the river.


Pages Include
  • Whitehorse and Dawson City Info: getting there, accommodation, etc.
  • detailed river paddling notes
  • clothing and gear: a suggested checklist to bring for need and comfort
  • waterproofing: how to keep gear, food, and clothing dry
  • bear safety: what to look for, how to react, etc.
  • fishing: regulations, fish species, best fishing methods
  • preserving the wilderness: how and what you can do
  • wildlife along the river: what you can hope to see
  • favourite river readings: some of the best prose/poetry
  • complete list of resources: phone numbers and websites that may be useful