Our rafting trips are multi-day camping trips in remote wilderness areas. They are entirely suitable for beginners. Paddling is optional. The rafts are controled by qualified guides licensed to lead groups on difficult water.
rafting trips

Nahanni River – The Nahanni is Canada’s most celebrated wilderness river and has long been favored as the country’s classic river trip. The remarkable landscape was honored by UNESCO in 1979 as the first named World Heritage Site.

River of the Grizzly - The Babine River is one of the last unspoiled natural rivers in British Columbia. Plenty of wild water and natural wonders

Tatshenshini River – This river deserves its reputation as the wildest and visually most spectacular river in North America. It flows through the largest non-polar ice caps and bio-preserve in the world. National Geographic book lists the this adventure as #1 of the top ten raft trips in the world.

rafting trips

Rafting in British Columbia/Yukon is regulated by the Government. These regulations have a reputation as being the strictest in the world. All of our raft Guides are certified and carry BC/Yukon Rafting Licenses. In addition to paddling skills, guides must have a minimum 80 hour Standard First Aid course and a Swiftwater Rescue Technician course. Our boating and camping equipment is top-of-the-line, and for added safety the guides have short-range radios for communication between boats. All trips carry a satellite phone for communication with “home-base” in the event of an emergency situation.

rafting trips

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Q: Do I need to know how to raft?
Not at all. We assume that this is a new experience for everyone. Before you ever step into a boat, your Guides will give you a full explanation of the raft and all of the associated gear to make sure that you are comfortable and feel completely safe. The first day of our trips is planned to be easy-going to allow you time to adjust and soak in your new surroundings.

Q: How fit do I have to be?
Our trips are designed for the person who wants to explore the wilderness and be a part of the experience, not just watch it go by though a bus window. You will be paddling, hiking and living outdoors, so you do need to be healthy…but not a triathlete.

Q: Are there any age restrictions?
Travelers have ranged in age from 10 to 72 years old. We do require that all participants under the age of 19 be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Q: How many people are on a trip?
On the expedition trips, we take a maximum of 12 travelers per trip. This translates to better service and the ability to accommodate different activity levels and interests.

Q: How’s the food?
Our menus have been designed by an experienced chef with years of outdoor cooking behind her. All the guides are trained in preparing great, hot, wholesome food.

Q: What does my trip include? What do I need to bring?
On all trips you are provided with: * All specialized clothing. * Professional and certified guides * All necessary transportation and logistics * All the appropriate permits and licenses * All food and beverages for the trip * High quality camping equipment

From the time of our official “meeting” until we drop you off everything is included. All expedition trips include dinners at the end of the trip. You need only bring your personal camping/active clothing for which we will send you a complete packing list.