Pacific Otters

rockiesOur Pacific otters kayaking trip takes us to the Nuchatlitz archipelago with its myriad of islands, beaches, and inlets provide a combination of open coast and protected water paddling, rich in culture, nature, and history, and undoubtedly the best wilderness camping on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Named after an old native village, this park protects a number of archaeological sites and evidence that the area has been inhabited by first nations for thousands of years. During the 1700s Spanish and British interests competed for the trade in sea otter furs. This instigated hostile actions between the two that eventually resulted in British control and a heightened trade in furs that led to the extinction of sea otters in this area.

A successful transplanting of otters from Alaska in 1960s has seen the population climb to an estimated 2000 descendants, one of the largest sea otter populations in the world.

Sea otters thrive in large social gatherings and make their home on the kelp seaweed beds that are found in the waters of Nuchatlitz. Our kayaking trip will include every effort to locate these communities and enjoy the pleasure of observing the otters preening and lazing within these kelp beds.

We will end each day with a camp on one of the beautiful white sandy beaches of British Columbia’s west coast. Nothing compares to a seat on a comfortable log, with a warm campfire, enjoying a west coast sunset.

PHOTO JOURNAL of the Pacific Otters kayaking trip.
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pacific otters kayakingpacific otters kayaking

pacific otters kayaking

pacific otters kayaking

Origin:Vancouver, BC                                 Physical Rating: Novice – Class I

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