Chilkoot Trail

chilkoot trail hikingOur Chilkoot Trail guided hike offers the hiker a sense of the challenge, anticipation, and danger which confronted the men and women of the Klondike Gold Rush of 1898. As you follow in the footsteps of these hopeful adventurers, a sense of kinship and appreciation of their accomplishment takes hold.

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The Chilkoot Trail is also an outdoors museum. There are  discarded personal items, grave sites, abandoned towns, and other reminders of their epic journey to the gold fields near Dawson City in the Yukon.

Also unique to the Chilkoot Trail is the changing ecosystems that hikers experience along the trail. As the trail has its origin in coastal Alaska, the first part of the hike is through temperate rain forest. By the third day hikers begin a long gradual climb from the rain forest into open country and alpine tundra. Spectacular snowcapped mountains, hanging glaciers, turquoise lakes, cascading rivers highlight this portion of the hike. Eventually we descend slowly from the alpine to a forested zone and the termination of our hike at Lake Bennett.

Our travel to the trailhead and back out from Lake Bennett, is aboard the White Pass & Yukon Railroad. We follow the original route of the railroad that was built in the early 1900s. The rail journey aboard period rail stock (with some luck you may be pulled by one of the last steam engines they have) offers incredible views of the surrounding mountains and Skagway Valley. We will also spend some time exploring the shops and historic sites of Skagway, Alaska, the entry point for many of the gold rushers and port of call for present day cruise ships.

PHOTO JOURNAL  of the Chilkoot Trail hike.
Learn more about the HISTORY of the Chilkoot Trail.
The story of the KLONDIKE GOLD RUSH (The voice is that of Pierre Berton)

chilkoot trail hikingchilkoot trail hiking

chilkoot trail hiking

chilkoot trail hiking

Origin:Whitehorse,Yukon                                     Physical Rating: Strenuous

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