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West Coast Trail Hike

“The West Coast Trail was voted Canada’s best hiking trail & one of the 50 best hikes in North America.”
Explore Magazine

The West Coast Trail, along Vancouver Island’s rugged west coast, originated as a lifesaving trail to assist shipwrecked mariners to safety at the turn of the last century. This stretch of coast became known as the “Graveyard of the Pacific” for the many shipping disasters that occurred during fierce coastal storms in the 1800s and early 1900s.

Today, the 75 km (47 miles) of rain forest, beaches, sandstone cliffs, rugged headlands, rivers, light stations, shipwreck relics, fashion one of the world’s great wilderness hikes. Hikers come from around the world to be challenged and awed by the coastal scenery along the West Coast Trail.

The West Coast Trail hike requires hikers to be prepared both mentally and physically. Possible periods of rain, muddy and slippery conditions, negotiating tree roots, climbing ladders, carrying heavy packs, will all add to the challenge of completing the trail. Hikers should also weigh the fact that the West Coast Trail has more injury evacuations than any other national park.

If you have decided that you are ready to take on the West Coast Trail but feel more comfortable with guides, then we are your choice. We have led groups for over twenty years and know the trail very well. We have established a measured hiking pace and food drop to reduce the challenging demands of carrying a heavy pack.

And, if you still need to know more about our guided trip and the West Coast Trail, read Brenda Johnstone’s Personal Journey.

Our professional, park licensed guides ensure a safe and memorable hike.

(Learn about the History of the West Coast Trail)

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Origin: Vancouver or Victoria, BC
Adventure Rating: Sections are Demanding & Strenuous
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2016 Cost
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June 4 – 12
$1675 Cdn+ 5% Tax Full Deposit Only Full Payment
June 20 – 28 $1675 Cdn+ 5% Tax 1 Deposit Only Full Payment
July 2 – 10
$1775 Cdn+ 5% Tax Full Deposit Only Full Payment
July 18 – 26
$1775 Cdn+ 5% Tax Full Deposit Only Full Payment
July 31 – Aug 8
$1775 Cdn+ 5% Tax Full Deposit Only Full Payment
Aug 16 – 24 $1775 Cdn+ 5% Tax 6 Deposit Only Full Payment
Aug 31 – Sept 8 $1775 Cdn+ 5% Tax 3 Deposit Only Full Payment
Sept 2-10 $1675 Cdn+ 5% Tax Full Deposit Only Full Payment
June 2, July 4, July 20
Aug 2, Aug18, Sept 18
These starting dates
are now full.
Sept 16 – 24
$1675 Cdn+ 5% Tax Full Deposit Only Full Payment

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