Tombstone Mountains Guided
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Tombstone Mountains Guided

During our Tommaptombstonesbstone Mountains guided hike, you will be struck by the jagged pinnacles of the Tombstone Mountains as they stand in stark contrast with the landscape of sub-arctic/alpine tundra and boreal forest that surround them. We have opted to offer this Tombstone Mountains guided hike in late summer when the autumn tundra colours come alive. The valleys and lower mountain elevations explode into a cornucopia of vivid oranges, reds, yellows, & greens.

The area is most unique, as it stands on the edge of an expanse of land called Berengia. Berengia was untouched by the last great glacial ice age (about 20,000 years ago) that covered most of North America. It is believed that the dry climate of the area prevented the development of glaciers. It was an area of grasses, herbs and short stunted trees. Most famous of the animals that roamed Berengia was the mammoth, a wooly relative to today’s elephant. The Ice Age resulted in lower sea levels. It caused a land bridge to arise between present day Siberia and Alaska. Many in the scientific community point to this land bridge as the most likely route followed by humans into northern North America. Today’s landscape resembles a time when a land bridge existed between Asia and North America over present day Bering Sea.

We helicopter into the heart of the Tombstones. The North Klondike Valley, Blackstone Uplands, North Fork Pass, and possible caribou and bear sightings, offer a dramatic introduction to the hiking that will follow.IconPhoto-Gallery2

The campsites in the midst of the towering peaks, mountain lakes, impressive valleys, and the reds, yellows, and oranges of autumn foliage  will remain vividly in your memory of this outstanding Yukon area.

Once our hike is concluded, we will drive to nearby Dawson City for the night in a B&B. Time to rest, explore, and flavour Dawson City before returning to Whitehorse. Dawson was the centre of the 1898 Klondike Gold Rush.

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