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Teslin River


Once you begin the Teslin River guided canoeing adventure, you are transported into a world of serenity, connection with history, and the people who are and were the great story that is the Teslin River. The Teslin does not have the name recognition that the Yukon River has, but it is in every way as culturally, historically, and scenically enticing.

The Teslin River is a tributary of the Yukon River. After a few days of our Teslin River guided canoeing trip, we will  join the Yukon River at Hootalinqua, and then on to our takeout near Little Salmon River.

The Teslin River route to the 1897-98 gold fields of Dawson was integral. Historical reminders of the movement of people and sternwheelers on the river are evident to this day. Three important stops that highlight this connection during our Teslin River canoe trip will be Hootalinqua, a significant trading and sternwheeler depot during the gold rush, Shipyard Island with derelict remains of the steamship Evelyn, and the First Nations village at the Big Salmon River.

The Teslin River guided canoeing adventure will transport us deep into a remote landscape of steep sandy banks, rolling glaciated hills, spruce forests, wildlife sightings, and IconPhoto-Gallery2history’s reminders.

For a moment we find ourselves in a time warp… It is a place you can’t see. You feel it. Here there is a wider sense of place – planted in our intellect by people we never met or knew and by events we never witnessed. On the Yukon River it takes hold of you as you drift around each corner and discover some new remnant of time.” John Firth/River Time

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Origin: Whitehorse, Yukon
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Self Guided Yukon River
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