Guided Kayaking with Orcas
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Guided Kayaking with Orcas

maporcasOn our guided kayaking with orcas trip, one of our clients describes a memorable meeting with orcas on a kayaking tour in Johnstone Strait by one of our tour guests – “Khwooff! the blast of his blow hole was as loud as a geyser. The bull orca passed just in front of our kayaks, about 25 meters out, surfacing straight ahead, so close we could see the white patch by his eye, the greyish tinge of his back, and follow the whole graceful black and white curve and arc of him, from nose to tail, as he dove again.”

Click on photo to read how being in nature calms and heals.

Click on photo to read how being in nature calms and heals.

Johnstone Strait, situated between mainland B.C. and Vancouver Island, is the best place in the world to see these magnificent orca whales. Every summer resident orca pods return to the waters of Johnstone Strait to socialize and feed on salmon returning to spawn in various creeks, streams, and rivers.

As can be imagined, the waters of Johnstone Strait, during the summer, is busy with boat tours. Our Pacific Orcas guided kayaking tour puts in at a point in Johnstone Strait further south from much of all this boat traffic. It does not in any way lessen the opportunity to paddle near orca whales.

We also realize that getting to the Johnstone Strait area can be a costly and difficult to arrange for visitors to British Columbia. To make yourIconPhoto-Gallery2 holiday uncomplicated and less costly, our kayaking with orcas trip begins in either Vancouver or Nanaimo. Our passenger van will collect you there.

Once you begin to paddle in orca waters, in their natural setting, chances are very high that you will see them sometime during your trip with us. We do all that we can to make this happen. Nighttime will see us camped on isolated beaches, enjoying all that a west coast marine environment has to offer – guided kayaking with orcas – a true adventure of a lifetime.

Johnstone Strait Orca Cam
orca 3OrcaLab’s whale research station is located on Hanson Island in British Columbia’s Johnstone Strait at Blackfish Sound. These waters are the summer home to over 150 orca whales, and an ideal place to study the whales in their natural habitat. To that end, OrcaLab now adds a visual dimension, streaming a series of live cameras in partnership with

You can enter your 10 digit phone number at and they will text you a notice when whales are on camera.

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