Bowron Lakes
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Bowron Lakes


“Bowron Lakes – One of the 10 best canoe trips in the world” Outside Magazine

The 116 km Bowron Lakes circuit is comprised of 6 major lakes which are inter-connected by a series of portages and rivers. The circuit forms a rectangle. It could not have been better laid out if it had been designed by a landscape architect. Paddlers begin and end at the same spot. And those portages – well, groomed canoe paths allow for the portages to be completed with the use of canoe carts, upon which canoes are wheeled between lakes.

Much of the backcountry of the Bowron Lakes abuts the magnificent Cariboo Mountain Range. The Bowron Lakes presents a cornucopia of glacial mountains, cascades and waterfalls, crystal clear waters, virgin forest, and photographic opportunities.

Wildlife is abundant on the Bowron Lakes. Paddlers are often treated to moose feeding by the waterways, beaver and otter, and the occasional bear. The area around the Bowron River is a bird watcher’s paradise.

Campsites along the route present outstanding vistas. Special group campsites mean that we are always guaranteed our site and do not share with other paddlers.

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Origin: North Vancouver or Quesnel, BC
Adventure Rating: Novice – Class I Paddling Waters
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2016 Cost
Spots Book Adventure
June 14-23
$1525 Cdn+ 5% Tax Full Deposit Only Full Payment
June 30-July 9
$1675 Cdn+ 5% Tax Full Deposit Only Full Payment
July 21-30
$1675 Cdn+ 5% Tax Full Deposit Only Full Payment
Aug 5-14
$1675 Cdn+ 5% Tax 1 Deposit Only Full Payment
Aug 22-31
$1675 Cdn+ 5% Tax 1 Deposit Only Full Payment
Sept 7-16
$1575 Cdn+ 5% Tax 9 Deposit Only Full Payment

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