About Us

Len Webster, Director

I am the taller, bigger, and better looking of the two in the photo. I began my career as a high school teacher, eventually graduating to that of a principal. After 20 years in education, fueled by a love for the outdoors, I began a wilderness adventure company that I both guided and directed for over 20 years. The company grew to be a very successful and reputable operation.

I have been fortunate to guide and visit some of British Columbia’s, the Yukon’s, and Northwest Territories’ best wilderness areas. Along the way I immersed myself in various preservation and conservation wilderness programs. Recently I completed a number of guidebooks for travelers on Yukon rivers. I will continue to add more rivers to this project.

The best part of what I do is interacting with the guests that join our tours. Being able to introduce visitors to wilderness areas that I love, open their eyes to the importance of preservation and conservation, impart historical, cultural, and natural information about the areas we are visiting, gives significance and satisfaction to me personally.

All the trips that are listed have been either guided or completed by me. I am confident that these trips will meet your highest expectations.